Who we are

The future needs new business solutions that will tackle impactful environmental and social issues.

We are a resource network that nurtures and supports new innovation and technology growth businesses that address these global problems, and that create sustainable, conscious and economic solutions.

„You have to experiment and take risks in order to realise your full potential. Experience has taught me that you need a strong network around you in order to do this. We are that network, and we can build upon each other to create sustainable commercial solutions for a better future.“

Hubert Rhomberg, Founder
What we do

Strategic partnerships. Conscious capital. Sustainable solutions.

Through our network of resources we develop, invest in, and create space for, sustainable and conscious growth businesses.

Our collaborations enable and uncover potential
Our investments help development
Our resources build a support network
Together we can make it possible and create sustainable value.

Work with us, partner with us
and you will grow with us.


We have deep foundations in sustainable construction, urban development and mobility.

Building. Space. Community. is how we define the promise and potential of our network of partners, people like you who share the same goal of realising a better future.




Our values

Sustainability is the ultimate objective

Experimentation should be encouraged because learning from our experiences, good and bad, is vital.

We strive to attract the finest people and minds to foster collaborations that unlock the potential of innovation and technologies.

Experience has taught us the value of integrity, trust, and transparency.

Most Recent Projects

Modernisation of offices


CREE by Rhomberg


CREE by Rhomberg

IZM – Illwerke Zentrum Montafon

Strong natural space

IZM – Illwerke Zentrum Montafon

Our Mission

Our mission is to make resource investment work for positive social and environmental change. To utilise our vast experience in business development to support the successful growth of innovation and technology businesses that address resource scarcity and social development. We believe in building successful and economically viable businesses that are mindful.

„Existing economic business models will not last forever in a future of limited resources. Today we have a chance to build businesses that not only are mindful with the resources we have, but that will also thrive economical and sustainable in the future.”

Taras Rebet, CEO

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