Start-up and innovation expert supports the venture capital activities of construction visionary Hubert Rhomberg.

Personnel expansion for Rhomberg Ventures: Alexander M. Schmid supports the start-up investment company as CFO with immediate effect. In his new role, Schmid will be co-responsible for financial and financing issues and will identify and evaluate promising start-ups and support them in their growth.

"The future needs start-ups that effectively address environmental and social issues, and corporates that help these start-ups to be successful," explains Hubert Rhomberg, founder of the investment company. " We at the Rhomberg Group are currently invested in over a dozen start-ups. Strong start-up teams with a sustainable mindset are important to us", says Schmid, describing the philosophy of Rhomberg Ventures. "Our investment focus is on construction, real estate, infrastructure, mobility as well as urban development and deep tech, and we follow various cooperation models with start-ups. Taras Rebet, Managing Director of Rhomberg Ventures, adds: "As we see ourselves as a strategic investor, the start-ups do not only benefit from seed capital, but especially from our active co-founder role and our support in growth. In addition, they can benefit from our sales channels, our industry expertise in construction, rail and MedTech as well as our ability to combine individual pieces of the puzzle into a large entity, i.e. to link start-ups with each other and with other businesses".

Alexander M. Schmid graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Liechtenstein before he helped to establish the Chinese subsidiaries of Bachmann electronic as Assistant General Manager. Afterwards he worked in Business Process Outsourcing for a large automobile company in Spain as well as in strategy development for a start-up incubator in Tanzania. After gaining his Master of Business Administration at the University of Cambridge, he founded and advised digital start-ups. During the last four years he has been working in the field of Corporate Innovation, since October 2019 at the Rhomberg Group. He will remain in this position in addition to his work as CFO at Rhomberg Ventures. "This is where we use the synergies resulting from the analysis and evaluation of promising start-ups for both the Ventures and the other Rhomberg Group companies", explains Schmid.

Hubert Rhomberg considers the potential of targeted investments in start-ups to be "huge": "We will therefore intensify our activities with start-ups and businesses, hence look forward to new partners and are also happy to share our experience with other investors".